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About Performance Laboratories

Performance Laboratories, LLC is an independent laboratory in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma specializing in providing comprehensive clinical quantitative urine drug testing, medication monitoring, and support.

At Performance Laboratories, our goal is to produce fast, precise results for our physicians to assure the most accurate information when managing their patients' treatment. 

Our methods are state of the art testing combined with a no compromise quality assurance and a clearly defined compliance program. Performance Laboratories ensures every individual sample meets the highest standards in the industry
Our vision is to provide fast, precise sample analysis using the latest technology. Our company's success depends on the professional relationships with physicians, investors, employees and communities. Our vision is to grow without losing touch as to how relationships and investments in people help build Performance Laboratories. Accomplishing our vision will rely on a strong sales plan, word of mouth, the use of sales representatives, aggressive controlled growth and a network of local physicians; all of which will help aid to the success of Performance Laboratories for years to come

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“I have worked with many companies nationally and locally.
None delivers with consistency, integrity, and accuracy like performance labs.”

John H.
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