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Accordion Sample DescriptionThe term “toxicology” may be a little confusing to the average person. We all know what “toxic” means, whether dealing with food or environmental abuse or even harsh language: basically, it means poisonous. But what do we mean by a “toxicology laboratory”? To be classified as toxicological, a lab has to be focused upon determining how chemicals are affecting a biological (that is, a living) organism. When new pharmaceuticals or cosmetics are being prepared for the market, they are first tested in a toxicology lab for any adverse effects that could threaten the health of consumers. Toxicology technicians run experiments to see what kinds of reactions the chemicals contained in such products are likely to produce. Toxicology labs also analyze the chemical contents of substances to determine what’s in them. And it’s the toxicology lab that tests samples of human bodily fluids to monitor the way that chemicals introduced into an individual’s system are affecting him or her.
Performance Laboratories has a full panel of 90 drugs. Click here to view.
Performance Laboratories makes every attempt to make sure all patient test results are available within 72 hours of the specimen entering the lab.
No guidelines specify when to test, but testing upon initiation of chronic opioid treatment, followed by random testing, is the most widely used strategy.
While all drug test specimen types – urine, oral fluid and hair – have their advantages, urine drug testing is by far the most flexible and customizable. With hundreds of different combinations of detectable drugs, order codes and cutoff levels, there’s a urine test panel for almost any testing reason.
Urine drug testing detects recent drug use in the previous 1 to 7+ days.
It is very important that the requisition form must be filled out properly. Click here for instructions.
Performance Laboratories provides each business with the necessary equipment. Specimen bags, shipping boxes, shipping labels, etc. Place the requesting order on the Order Supplies tab.
When specimen cups are filled and ready to be tested, businesses can either ship them to Performance Laboratories with the provided shipping equipment or they can be scheduled for personal pick up through the business workweek.
Performance Laboratories qualified lab personnel and staff ensure the specimen samples will not be lost while changing hands.

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